Why You Should Use a Virtual PBX Phone System


In most companies, a PBX or private branch exchange phone system is being used.  In this system, the local phone network allows your employees access to phone calls while sharing a few external company phone lines or numbers.  This system can route any customer calling your company to the proper agents or branches.

Any company will need an efficient PBX phone system for their operations.  Thus, business owners should seriously choose and implement PBX systems because this decision will determine how successful your company will become in the future.

Today, most businesses opt for a virtual PBX system.  These systems are VoIP phone systems that uses the internet.  Since these programs are hosted by remote providers, not within your base of operations, they are also called cloud services.

There are many benefits that a business can enjoy using virtual PBX phone systems.  Here are some of the benefits of using Telephone Company UAE systems.

Our world today is a totally mobile computer obsessed world which is completely connected every second of every day.  Succeeding in this world requires that your business be fully integrated with the mobile connected world.  Using a virtual PBX system will then integrate your company’s operations in to the wireless environment, synchronizing your operations with your computer network.

You can set up instantly because you don’t need landlines or hardware to install.  Set up is easy using common devices like smart phone or laptops/tablets.  Some virtual phone providers do not supply VoIP phones that you company can use but your Smartphone and computers will suffice depending on the size of your operation.

Virtual phone systems cost less than traditional phone systems.  Installation and maintenance of a traditional landline system is very expensive compared to the low cost of virtual phone systems.  You have low monthly payments and cheaper long distance calls over VoIP systems.

It is easy to add lines and numbers to your virtual phone system since they are completely scalability.  If you company is experiencing fast growth and you want to keep costs at a minimum, then scalability is a very important feature.

A web based phone system will allow every worker to have access to the network wherever they are. Your company is virtually everywhere with this system.  And, your customers can reach you anytime, anywhere.

Virtual phone systems are flexible when it comes to call management.  You can have voice mail, direct routing, or for small budget companies, a virtual secretary.

Yealink Virtual phone systems give you a lot of convenience since you are not confined to a single location.  Calls can be received wherever you are.


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